Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hole of Reproach: Things Happen for Some Reason

This week in Bleach, we start off our adventures with: Bach sitting on his ass not doing anything. Then we transition into an entire page of Urahara and Shunsui looking at stuff before Shunsui notices Mayuri's not there. Quite why you'd let a guy who commited genocide and mass murder on a semi-regular basis out of your sights is beyond me, good thing you are handling things so well Captain Commander.

We switch over to Mayuri's location where apparently he ditched the group for the sake of his "research".

"I must discover the secret behind Bach's clever use of the palister to create a retro 19th century look while retaining a modernist finish !"

No, really, he's standing on a floating rock at the mercy of an allpowerful murderous demi-god who can make shit blow up with his mind without getting off his ass, and apparently Mayuri really, really needs to instead research a random corner of this star structure thing instead.

Don't worry though, because now him and Kenpachi, who stayed behind cause one guy in his squad, who keeps complaining that he had to go take a leek, are arguing and threatening each other, while the world can get destroyed any minute by the God Monster that's controling Bach's brain, his moustache. And of course some more of Kubo's humour.

It's almost avantguarde how unfunny this is.

Then we get another scene where Ichigo's group are running around, and what do you know, they argue and split for no reason. Maybe it wouldn't have been such a huge issue if the entire first half of the chapter wasn't about the exact same thing.

Askin sees Ichigo and company, and....blows up for some reason ?

Look I'm not leaving anything out. He stands there, whines about having to fight Ichigo and then just....explodes or something. If this had anything to do with what Bazz and Liloto (?) are doing in the next scene, the framing is so awkward I still have no fucking clue, and if it's not then I have literally no idea what happened, which is always a great sign of competence on the creator's part. Unless this is Aizen's bankai, randomly blowing up people who complain too much.

...OH SHI-

Speaking of Fingenji and Loligirl, they and Zombie Girl are at the "Gate of the Sun"....apparently.

Quincie Architecture: It looks like a giant just jizzed all over everything.

I still don't know, do those two bent curvey pillar things outside of Bach's palace work as a teleporter ? What IS the "Gate of the Sun" ? I may sound impatient but there's a difference between having something mysterious happen and just having random shots of random things happening without any evident or even hinted cause and then just going along with business as usual.

We then end with the stinger of Bazzzzzz wanting to kill Bach and Haschwalt. Because we're supposed to consider the Most Boring Living Male Clothes Mannequin as an actual threat. Dully noted Mr. I Finger Things for a living.

Join us next time when the Shinigami will stop and argue some more while Nel and Grimmjow will split off from Ichigo vie Nel chasing Grimmjow's to stop him from screwing things up so then Kubo will have to keep track of five things at once. Oh boy.

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  1. I can't wait for all the characters to go super saiyan and beyond starting next week.