Thursday, 6 August 2015

Hole of Reproach: Handpun²

We start 637 off where we left off, with Kenpachi being a comatose vegetable cause of his super efficient strategy of "ima gonna run at it".

Apparently Mayuri seems to have intended that to happen as he blabs on about Zaraki's "noble sacrifice".

Sacrifice, human experimentation, potato potahto

Ikkaku objects but at least he wasn't used as a bomb like Mayuri did with his own soldiers against Ichigo way back when. An act he is yet to receive any kind of comeuppance for.

Then Pernida sheds it's cloak and reveals

OF COURSE ! The only thing capable of challenging the power of Kubo's Mystery Foot is a Mystery Hand.

Mayuri's analysis of the situation seems sound


Oh well you can't expect Kubo to remember something he drew earlier this arc. And of course this means another two "surprising" plot twists relating to the Soul King's feet.

Of course during this whole chapter Mayuri's just standing around talking, as in all his fights, which is sure convenient for Kubo, because he's too tired from having his nails done so much.

I will say that Pernida is hands down the best of the remaining Quincies (?) purely because he's not a totally bland dude dressed in stupid looking clothes with poorly defined powers. And the look on "his" "face" when Mayuri's lost in his own little world is priceless.

638 has Mayuri waste even more time mohzting off, until Pernida has enough and just tries to smash him.

You never shut up and you're dressed like a walking sunflower. YOU DIE NOW

A good point to bring up is how Mayuri, who personally commited Genocide against the Quincies in the past for his own amusement, is not apparently not someone the Sternritter specifically care about. I mean I know Bach can't be arsed not to maim his own subordinates for immensely petty reasons, but you'd think the other Quincies would give a shit. Then again that would require them to have a personality.

Pernida uses it's nerves to make giant stone hands to squish Mayuri but he's unharmed cause he's apparently wearing "exploding armour".

Now I'm no doctor or anything but we've already seen that, despite not being alive, these people are still made of bones and have blood they need to survive. Kenpachi almost died as a result of this and was only saved by Urahara Science. And while Mayuri Science is just as bullshit, he's wearing stuff that explodes on his body. No amount of "I rearranged my organs" can justify how that's not a bad thing.

And he then avoids landing on Pernida's net of nerves by using "Hirenkyaku".

Glad he's kept this to himself, so the other shinigami couldn't use it.

Mayuri decides to "take a sample" so he blows off one of Pernida's fingers, but it becomes self aware and attacks him.....

Of course. Cause we couldn't possibly have Mayuri be hurt in any way shape or form by any attack from any enemy, ever.

I mean there's bullshit lolscience and then there's being so impossibly hax that you get to "man in bat suit can beat superpowered alien with heat vision if he prepares enough" levels. Mayuri's never been in trouble during any of his fights in the past, so there's not much reason to care.

Next week, find out how Mayuri previously implanted his hands with anti hand bacteria which will result in him defeating Pernida without having to move another muscle.

Hey it's no more dumb then Hollow Antibodies.