Sunday, 21 October 2012

Attack From Behind: All the Other Filler Episodes

I wasn't originally going to review the more gaggy episodes, but after learning that Chizuru rapes a female Arrancar, I'm afraid my hands became tied to the keyboard. I held off before because many are already gag episodes, not meant to be taken seriously. But upon inspection, there's some that are worth talking about.

If an episode is worthwhile (marked by a **), I won't spend too much time on it, since you should really just watch it yourself. If an episode is just okay or plain bad, I will mock it.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A Sad Farewell

It has come to my attention that during the latest chapter of Bleach, there occured something which most likely will lead to the tragic death of a well known and well-loved character. Doing something like this ususaly results in a wave of fan backlash, so Kubo has clearly grown a pair the size of the protagonists of Pom Poko in order to go through with this. This is, after all, the second death of a long standing character in a short while, and the ratings being what they are right now, this appears to be Kubo's ultimate gamble, not to mention a cripling blow to the 1st Division.

Wait, you think I'm talking about Yamamoto, the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 ? Of course not, such an obscure character getting offed barely leaves an impact, not the levels of the Reishi Investigation team's Rikuu, Gori or Katakura or even

Sleep well, sweet prince.

I know I'm still traumatised.

No fair reader, this is a eulogy for our beloved Okkiba.

To commemorate this sad ocasion, I have put together a montage of all the various important moments of his time in the manga for us to reminescence over. Put on some sappy music people, this is gonna leave you in tears.

First off, we have the moment when the captain Commander told him he is leaving and he silently acknowledged that fact.

Then there was that time he confirmed the fact he has nothing to add to this by saying:

And then there was the time when Yamamoto witnesed the very possible sight of his death.

And then there was the time his wife left him for Yourichi, and he took it falling to his knees, showing the fleshed-out humanity of his character.

And then there was the time when he was asked to become a blood donour by his superior in order to raise morale and willingness for participation between divisions. And of course he answered:

 And who could forget about the time when he had to "borrow" five bucks from the Captain Commander's desk because his paycheck wasn't due till next week.

I could go on and on like this, but that would aggitate this still fresh wound. So, farewell Okkiba, and in your next time, please learn to stay out of the danger of the scope of the plot as well as you did up till now !