Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Why Bleach should tank in the Ratings

, we like to all take cracks at Kubo, for obvious reasons.

I am no exception and recently joked that his editors and assistants are being paid for giving each other piggy back rides as Kubo is left to his own devices, wasting a year's worth of grade A black ink (and possibly running about his studio, dumping it by the bucket on gigantic canvases, while reciting his poetry) and that instead they should probably try to do their jobs.

I realise that the story is not supposed to be tailored specifically to me, and I realise that as long as the series makes money the editors have done their job more or less without fault as far as Jump is concerned.

However that does not mean that I no longer think that what I said is at least partially true. The man needs to be reeled in and kept withint bounds. Because his success is clearly not making him want to change his habbits, and if he just did what he did with Bleach and then went on to his daily life I could possibly see that as not being a bad thing.

But the problem is all the fame for his minimalist efforts seems to have gone to his head. Remember his chapter titles he writes in english even when he has no idea what he's actually writing (Why Me Sad instantly springs to mind) ? The ones that are at best trite platitudes ?

Yes this is a thing that exists

Well turns out he's supposedly loves just how gosh darn clever he is with coming up with them he has them plastered on his own furniture.

A breathtaking example of hubris that one would have to be pretty damn amazing at what you do in order not to make a huge target of oneself.


This is one of the many reasons I think Bleach would be better off if it would founder in the ratings for a bit, and then hey, maybe the story and narrative structure might improve as consequence....or maybe Kubo will just go into hyper drive to get the arc with as fast as possible like what happened with the Arc That Must Not Be Named (mostly to avoid me going on another five hour tangent).