Friday, 21 February 2014

AFB: In the War Room with As Nodt!

Hello, everyone. I've been playing a lot of Luigi's Mansion recently, and I figured I'd use my soul vacuuming skills to keep As Nodt around for a spot of tea coming off his stirring defeat this week. This chapter's developments were so exciting I nearly popped an emotion! It was scary--

Did someone say "SCARY"!?!?!?
Pipe down, you. Anyway, how are you for discussing some of the tactics in this epic clash of dumb vs. dumber?



Is that emotion...



I think we're starting to see the main issue with the Vandenreich already!! They are a military force of simpletons.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hole of Reproach: The Unbrearable Confusingness of Rukia's Being

Greetings dear readers. I once more decided to delve deeper into the moldy, rancid heart of Bleach, in order to try and understand the inner workings of a mind who'se sole purpose seems to be self adoration. (If you don't know what I mean, check my previous article here.

With that shameless bit of self promotion out of the way, let's get back to what we love best here at Applied Logic, aside from group orgies and devil worship. Namely pointing out how Kubo has no idea that things he previously wrote still exist and he just can't will them out of existence because he's bored.

Today's is a typical example. There I was, minding my own business, reading Bleach, getting bored as hell by the Quinci invasion consisting of a bunch of forgettable losers and bishounen , when Rukia suddenly showed up and

decided to try and do something.

Which was a big shock to me considering that the last time she attempted usefullness she was the only shinigami to get defeated by the Fullbringers (the less we say abotu Renji's..."victory" the better) and the last time before then was getting her ass kicked by Yammy, which wasn't even a one on one really. So I was more then happy to see her do something. I would be even happier if Origime and Chad, who'se involvement with this arc thus far seems to be little else then nominal, would do something too but that's like asking for Kubo not to be racist to his fans while trying to sell them his stuff.

But anyway Rukia is actually on the battlefield. And she's fighting As Nodt. Okay, I guess that's alright, beat the guy whom her precious big brother (who wanted to secue her execution for an incredibly minor offense, which was in direct contrast to the promise he made to his dying wife, because he made another promise afterwards in his head in the presence of his parents' gravestones, obviously) could not. That's alright by me.

So her new powers does this work again ?

No no, I know that, I was asking about your new powers. You know, the sword. The pointy thing. How does that work ?

So basically kinda like Hitsugaya, only you can't create ice, or control ice. Okay but how does it work ?


That doesn't make sense because you couldn't move then. You even said your so cold you blood froze in your veins. But then again this is the afterli-

Uhm....wha...uh...You're currently dead because you're in the afterlife. And you are in the afterlife because you died. And just in case you needed to have this specifically confirmed
Remembering things is hard, especially when YOU wrote them

It's really sad that the afterlife in this series has become what it is. I mean Shunsui has tickets that allows you to go there for crissake. But still I was kind of hoping people would remember their own backstory, and Kubo would remember none of these people are actually alive. They are souls. Who came to Soul Society after being sent there in a sending ritual. After they left their bodies due to death.

I mean there are people born (?) in SS, very rarely, but this is clearly not one of them. Rukia is dead not because of a technique of some kind but because she has been dead this whole series. And the fact Kubo can forget this is just another example of how he only cares about thinking up a "cool" english language title each week to then engrave into his furniture.