Friday, 12 June 2015

Hole of Reproach: The Pacing Improves. It only took 150 chapters.

Sorry for the delay this week, I've been feeling a bit under the weather these past few days, as my sinuses have moved on to execute their dastardly plan of suffocating me by cutting off my supply of air. So I've not really gotten round to it yesterday.

Then again I do this for free. So take that as you will : P

So we finally found out the reason for Askin's random explosion last week. Grimmjow attacked him. Good except the way it happened made it seem both totally mysterious and unaknowledged by the main cast, so it still is Kubo failing at sequential storytelling.

"That was last week guys. Last week. C'mon."

Then we move onto a scene of Askin running away. I will grant Kubo this, he is giving the guy at least some character, though that may be because he ran out of emotions for people to blabber on about inanely. Still. Though you have to wonder how Grimmjow doesn't see that Askin is obviously running away because he has some kind of obvious evil plan.

"I wanna go fall into this very obvious setup on my own !"

I do hope Grimmjow has practised his shocked face, he's gonna need it soon.

We then switch over to the Quincy palace, where Haschwalt is receiving a report from a random quincie about the "Really-should-have-thought-of-a-different-name" Schutzstaffel and how they and Uryuu went out to fight the Shinigami one on one out on the streets. And you gotta hope they can still fly because otherwise that's gonna be a disadvantage considering the setup of this new Quincie Realm isn't exactly making out Bach to be the champion of work safety.

This guy still had more screentime then Okikiba, just fyi.

So apparently there's still other quincies around, but Bach only slurped up all the ones who can actually fight. Regardless, Moustachio gets killed off by Bazz "I only have one move" B, who then confronts Haschwalt over the whole "murdering all of their own soldiers" thing.

Well your powers are literally "stick a finger into things" so I am kinda shocked you made it this far.

To be fair, the whole "join an organisation perpetuating an endless cycle of war to result in the deaths of everyone that joins it for the personal benefit of the guy who leads it" plan sounded a lot better on paper. Also Bazz and "The Clinically somehow still alive man" were bffs before. I really want there to be a fullbringer as obssessed with friendship as Pepe with Love, As Nodt with fear and Bach with "winning".

Bazz is the new Rainbow Dash.

Also apparently at night Bach and Hashbrickwalt swap powers and Bazz thinks it's a great idea to kill Haschwalt when his powers are "invincible cause reasons".

Next chapter promises some kind of flashback. Not really sure that I look forward to spending more time on Quincie Renji but then again, beats watching Dollar Store Thor or Token black guy fight the shinigami.


  1. Am I the only one who's bored with bleach? Not just the series, but even complaining about it isn't as fun anymore.

    1. I don't think so, it's the whole basis of this site : P

    2. Maybe it's the weather. Been kind of overcast the past couple of weeks where I am.

    3. I'd preffer that, as having sinus infection while it's 30 C outside is both weird and wrong.

      And I just coughed so much I had blood run down one nostril. I mean, I did it deliberately to clear it up and it sort of do that but it was a bit too much. So now I'm injecting mineral water up my nose. XD