Saturday, 27 June 2015

Hole of Reproach: The Confusion Deepens

This week, I've been somewhat at a loss what to say. Because all that really happens is Bazz almost kind of fights one guy and then Bach shows up.

We basically start with how Bazzzz and Hasch spent years training, and how Haschwalt was totaly inept and unable to do anything.

Yeah, he doesn't even raise people from the dead or spouts inane gibberish about emotions,  a total failure.
To be fair, Haschwalt's inability to make bows and arrows doesn't really seem to matter seeing as we've not seen any of the Sternritter even use those abilities at all.

Then all of a sudden some nameless Vandenreich goons show up, wearing those totally period clothes.

Of course the horses being there raises a boatload of other question if this ISN'T the living world.

So the Quincies could invent the modern tie 600 years early, and Soul Society can't get people shoes. You know, you'd almost root for these guys, until you remember the entire organisation is intentionally based on having people intentionally get killed fighting in an endless war just to prolong the life of a single person.

And then we get the following exchange:

Imagine being a regular joe and then someone shows up and tells you the army is going to invade Heaven. How do you even respond to that ?

They came over to announce recruitment for the new Sternritter, and then bugger off without recruiting anyone. Bazz has to step up and push himself into the dude's face in order to even get noticed, so you have to wonder how Bach even gets new soldiers seeing as two times we've seen his recruitment drives, in each the people involved had no intention of actually recruiting anyone.

Either way Bazz tries to beat the uniformed douche up but suddenly Bach appears and uses his reiatsu to squeeze everyone to the ground, saying he wants to find his right hand man and then picks Hashwalt.

The sad thing here is Haschwalt here is showing more emotion then he has literally at any point in the past. Hell, even last chapter he was doing that not at all totally worn out thing of looking at the opponent with a vacant, half disgusted expression and loweverd eyelids cause we sure as hell didn't see every single opponent ever make that face, no sireee.

This chapter wasn't as bad as the last one in terms of being confusing, but still didn't really clear up even the most basic of storytelling principles, such as where this is even taking place, and really, almost nothing happened. It's sad to see Kubo slip back into his catatonic pace.


  1. i forgot to comment this in your last post, but these backstory chapters are at least 100 chapters too short for anyone to really give a shit. not only that, but kubo is literally rewriting these characters.

    it just shows that kubo has absolutely no idea how to write. you don't throw character backstories in the final act of a story. or if you want to, then put bits and pieces of it throughout the story and THEN reveal the full story.

    1. I have Bleach fans constantly argue not establishing anything about characters and settings is part of the "mystery". Like, it's totally good writing to MAYBE spring the "the Earth's history is totally different despite what we've been shown thus far" 631 chapters in, and do so in a way that that is only a very vague speculation.

      I believe at the very least Kubo should have established if the Quincies are alive or not. I mean being alive and "dead" in this series has mostly lost all meaning, as dead people need blood, need to breathe etc. so it's only apparent through the inconsistent ageing. But still, it would be nice to know what plane of existence this is even taking place in.

    2. Please tell me you're kidding. God that just plays into kubo's "four levels of secrets" bullshit. People are just letting him make shit up because of that. I really need to get on with my article about it.

      I don't think kubo even knows what's going on any more. We were discussing this on ap forums. Honestly, I would have preferred if kubo had taken time off to properly plan this arc instead of giving us that sloppily written fullbring arc.

    3. Nope, totally serious.

      And Kubo, plan, heh.

  2. Is it just me or is Bazz B and Haschwalt both ripoffs of Axel and Saix from Kingdom Hearts. Bazz is brash redhead with fire power and Haschwalt is a stoic guy who gets a power boost at night. They used to be best friends and they plotted to overthrow the leader of an evil organization, but they had a falling out when the stoic one became the villain's second in command.

    But it's all okay because Tetsuya Nomura rip offed Tite Kubo for almost half of the designs for Organization XIII.

    1. I never played any of the KH games, but looking at pictures, their designs seem to be just kinda generic and bishie for the most part.