Thursday, 18 June 2015

Hole of Reproach: Space-Time has started to melt

So this week, Kubo has finally delved into some backstory for his Quincies. Problem is he's still Kubo and so he slapped together a sequence of events that warp space time to the point where not even killing Hitler can make things much worse as far as preserving History is concered.

Okay so we start out with Haschwall and Fingerzz B fighting and that prompts Bazz to have a flashback about randomly stalking Haschwalt in the forest as kids.

After several pages of the two arguing, and Bazz saying he'll teach Haschwalt how to handle his powers since he sucks at it, we then get a cut to....the beginning of the madness.

I, and all the other readers and probably Kubo as well for that matter, have no idea what "Northern Lands" Kubo is talking about here. And the following page just makes it so much worse.

This panel has managed to confuse and befuddle me, like Kubo hasn't been able to do in years.

To start off, the "human world" in this series has always been a version of the "real world". We've never gotten any indication of it being something else. And yet here we have Bach apparently having conquered the whole world around a thousand years ago, since this seems to take place before the Quincies hid in the shadows, as Eyepatch dude talking to Bach is still alive, and he was resurrected by Yama's bankai when he fought Not-Actually-Bach, plus Bach was supposed to have been asleep for 999 years.

Now where this gets extra crazy is Quincies are supposed to be humans. But Haschwalt and Bazz are alive back then. And Hashwalt is dressed in modern clothes.

Worse, we don't even know if this may reffer to some other realms in the afterlife beyond Soul Society, because Kubo has never established anything, so we don't even know if the Quincies in the present are alive or are kinda-alive via being made out of spirit particles.

So if it takes place in the human world then the entire world's history has apparently been completely different and we've learned about it 631 chapters after assuming the opposite, or this didn't take place in the human world and Kubo didn't say anything, and apparently people had clothes made about nine hundred years in advance of human technology, but now everyone still wears impractical feudal clothes and uniforms.

Kubo has successfully screwed up his timeline to the point where it's beyond repair, and all because he couldn't be arsed to remember what he himself wrote before, all for the sake of the story being "fresh".

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