Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hole of Reproach: Flashback Follies

The heat.....so much.....heat.....must.....complain.....about Japanese comic books....

Well, this week we continue where we left off, namely Bach chosing Jugo Haschtagwald as his protegé. Of course Bazz is not happy about that, but Bach counters saying how Haschwalt is a walking energy amplifier, telling Jugo:

Yes because if there's one phrase that comes to mind in relation to Mr. "You don't need your legs to be able to talk to me" it's "giving and sharing". Are you Santa's bastard son going through his grunge phase or what ?

Nevertheless, it does appear that it was Hasch's proximity which made Bazz such a "genius" (for an all knowing deity you sure know absolute jack about Bazz "I have made fun of his powers so often it's gone old, been beaten to the ground and then bounced back and become popular again via the hipster effect") and this gets ol' Bazbaz good and mad so he goes "fuck this subterfuge crap" and just goes

I've spent literally years of my life to get close to you but I'll just fire at you now when there's tons of people around who can stop me, fool proof plan !

And yet Bach still hires him later. I guess you can't hope to find random comatose brains in a jar with aspirations of moderate mediocrity every day.

Now everyone, I think we can all guess what happens next right ? Yeah, of course Haschwalt catches the arrow, and he does so after a completely natural character progression of:

I love how he just randomly switched sides AND became a lifeless automaton. Cause that's what Kubo thinks kids find "cool".

And before you hope we can learn more about this, nope, flashback over, Haschwaldbrick slashes Bazz, end of chapter.

You know, in hindsight, that was a good flashback. Sure, we didn't find out if there Quincies are alive or not, we don't know what plane of existence it took place on and most of it consisted of people standing around in a village square looking at each other and Bazz's previous reactions to Bach's betrayal seem a bit at odds with how he "always wanted to kill Bach", kind of like "we have always been at war with Eastasia" sort of way but it was still good, because we got to watch Haschwalt and Bazz train for five minutes and see that Sternritter recruitment drives are basically "You want the job, well fuck off you can't have it."

In all seriousness though, it's pretty sad how Haschwalt had more emotion in those few panels the past two weeks then he has had for over three years. Makes you wish Kubo didn't think "stoic arrogant douchebag" was the best possible characterisation ever.

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  1. I just have to say this: if ichigo turns out to be one of those "talentless" quincies, I will vomit blood. Ishida too, just for good measure.