Friday, 24 July 2015

Hole of Reproach: Now on 3 for 1 Discount

Yes I have George Orwelled the previous announcement somewhat, but I've been trying to ward off the very real danger of melting into my constituent particles over here, gimme a break : P So prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime event of me summing up three Bleach chapters in one post.

I accept all types of credit cards.

CHAPTER 634 The One Where Bazz is really really beat this time, Honest.

So Bazboy gets his ass kicked further which forces him to have yet another flashback (insert flashback counter gag) 

We found out that when he did get his sorry ass to join the Sternritter, Hasch was already a captain there. So Bazz tried to provoke him to a fight, with Hasch's retort being

Cause that totally explains why Pepe and Giselle used their powers randomly on the other Sternritter to attack and kill them.

Cause Sternritter never fight each other.

Sounds legit to me.

Also learning that is apparently the only reason for extending the Flashback which no one asked for as Quincie Renji gets his arm ripped off and is beaten effortlessly by Haschwalt.

And here I thought that the guy who'se fingers are on fire can have a shot against the right hand man of God. Who would of guessed ?

Chapter 635 The Oh Crap I Have Too many Characters Chapter

Right off the bat, the effect of Kubo's "I-wrote-myself-into-a-corner-itis" are  on display

I like how the entire female Quincie squad managed to either get beat, mindraped or controlled and then when they get back to the plot, they get treated worse then Bazz B and get offscreened by Bach.

Grimmjow then ups the stupid by running up after Askin and randomly touching a projectile he throws at him instead of just moving either way.

I swear if Askin starts doing "Your Momma" jokes.....

I'm not exactly Grimmjow's biggest fan here but I wonder if people who waited those two years after his Mystery Foot sighting would consider this worth the wait.

And if you thought that was it, then prepare for the exciting action of Hisagi getting shot.

Getting mindcontrolled by Pepe to try and kill Byakuya, getting snipped off a roof, Hisagi is just growing so much as a character.

 Joke's on Gun dude though, cause this is the part where he travells back in time, dyes his hair orange and takes revenge on the dude by eating his hat.

Also I love how these guys still get treated better then Hisagi.

Seriously, who are you ?

We switch over to Mayuri and Kenpachi meeting a new enemy who'se powers are unknown to them. And you'll never guess what Kenpachi decides to do.

And what ends up happening ?

Tune in next time for more of General Kenpachi's briliant tactics.

Which is actually right now but you know what I mean:

Chapter 636: The Kenpachi is Really Dumb Hour

So Kenpachi was never exactly a mental giant. However after last week the situation gets worse, so much so that the inflatable head thing starts to yank at Kenpachi's broken arm so much he has to rip it off. 

If only Orihime was around, they could arbitrarily reject her healing his arm right away and not have to wait until after the fighting like with Yamamoto.

Mayuri proceeds to explain he doesn't have any idea what the thing's powers are (while hammering in that stupid "Are you asking me or talking to yourself" shtick) and then General Patton over here decides

And again I ask, how does that go ?

It's almost like he's a terribly written character or something.

Mayuri having to bail the idiot out of course. You know, Unohana would be rolling in her grave if she got one, since Kenpachi, after she died to awaken his Shikai, only managed to beat one guy because he imagined his imaginary body to be stronger then what it could take (no matter how much time passes that doesn't get any less stupid), then he got beat up by the FemQuincie Squad who otherwise got totally trashed and offpanelled, and then proceeded to lose an arm to avoid getting killed before deciding he's gonna try and get himself killed again not twenty seconds later.

And there you have it folks, the last three weeks of Bleach. I probably would have had to do this earlier anyway, as 634 has practically nothing worth talking about.

Next week, Nanao falls over a discarded bag of chips and Okikiba accidentally chokes on a pickle.


  1. That was actually Kenny's skikai, not bankai. And I still can't figure out why all the neccessary fighters weren't simply taken to the royal realm.

    1. Fixed.

      And by necessary fighters you mean ?

    2. Pretty much any one who's reached shikai. Wait, no. Scratch that. Everyone goddammit. They're going up against an army after all.

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