Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hole of Reproach: I've Officially lost count

So another week rolled by Kubo (better known as マニキュアした爪のサングラス変人), what have you got.

(A quick read later)

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I am officially calling it now, Kubo is gonna bring back every single solitary character for this shit. Get ready to see Ichigo's boss and those random punks he beat in his flashbacks.

Maybe Ichigo's classmates are gonna actually show up too.

Or maybe his family members considering we used to care about them at one point.

Anyways the chapter proper begins with a repetition of last week and it takes five pages of half page spreads and inane bickering for us to move past the "Grimmjow is here" aspect of the story.

You know, you gotta give it to Kubo, he could have totally had her knock him out with her tits....Which may be what happened, but the shot is so poorly framed I don't rightly know and that's sort of positive....I think.

It takes Nel comedically knocking down Grimmjow for us to finally change scene. Kubo, please stop trying to use comedy, you're not good at it.

Nel explains to Ichigo Urahara made her an armband thing which can make her not mentally regressed to a toddler and also allow for her to change form, and for some reason....Chad has to explain this to Orihime who seems to act like it's a bad thing.

Uhm, this is the healer character right ? Kinda assumed that entailed wanting for people to get better.

Cause leaving people practically lobotomised even when you can cure them is totally a cool thing to do.

Then out of nowhere a huge box appears in the sky and Riruka and Totally Not Hitsugaya show up ! (Christ what are we up to....25 ?!)

Naturally Ichigo gets pissed and wants to know what's going on and when Yoruichi offers to once again only tell him part of the plan, he seems to finally have had enough of Soul Society leading him along a trail of breadcrumbs.

In the words of the Mysterious Mr Enter: What I'm doing is stupid, I know I'm stupid and I'm gonna do it anyway.

Yoruichi still doesn't care.

She finally explains that Urahara whipped up something to basically steal a reiatsu outlet pipe from between Soul Society and the human world, but he needed Riruka and Shota Boy to get it to move. Not sure why a guy who purposefully ruined his own family out of spite went along with this but okay.

We get a scene of the "I Really should have named them something different" Schutzstaffel chilling in the Royal Palace (well sitting on chairs because anything else would give them too much character) and Ishida looks noticeably not happy about Bach becoming all powerfull. The chapter then ends with a silhouete of Bach slurping up the Soul King.

This time we didn't even get to see the Shinigami do nothing. So maybe they've already le....who am I kidding they probably ordered takeout while we weren't looking.

Okay my strategy is, get myself butchered by the Elite Quincies an the all seing God Beard until their swords are dull, then you take over.

Ya know, I keep thinking, what exactly is the point of Ganju here ? I mean, dude's been absent since the Soul Society arc and his role in that one was rather underwhelming and now he's in the same team as Shinigami captains, Arrancar and Quincies and Orihime with her god like reality rejection powers. What the balls is he gonna even do ? And why should we care ? If Kubo at least tried to tie this into him forcing his way into this clearly out of his league mission to try and restore his family's honour, that could be an explanation. But of course Kubo's already forgotten the Shiba being looked down upon was ever even a thing.

And nope, still no new additions to Bach's side. And I know Kubo doesn't do anything else then one on ones so is he just gonna find a way to keep everyone stuck on a bus so ichigo, Yoruichi and maybe Chad and Orihime (and Byakuya of course because fangirls) can be the only ones doing anything ?

He's Kubo after all.


  1. fuck yeah. Nel's finally back. and in adult form. i don't care about orihime anymore, she can go ahead and cry for all i care. ichigo and Nel had far better chemistry than ichigo and orihime.

    they now just have to wait for ichigo's teachers to arrive. this of course will take at least another ten chapters

  2. I'm grimacing at Kubo's attempt to emphasize Orihime's lov---delusional feelings for Ichigo. Like really? After all the times you had her act like a total useless fool who not only broke her promise to herself to get stronger and rely on others, turned her against Ichigo a couple of chapters after that 'I'll always heal him!' speech (mainly Tsukishima's fault but then again...makes you really question her feelings) and cue the recent jealousy... REALLY?! Nel is basically a child! How petty can her character be. Kubo's take at romance is just... (ᇂ∀ᇂ╬)

    1. Well she's not a child anymore, again, finally. Though talking about maturity for what is a gestalt entity of murderous and cannibalising souls of dead people is rather odd.

      Basically I think Kubo would really regret giving that origin to the Hollows now, seeing as he completely ingores that aspect, but Kubo regrets nothing because the Kubo Never Remembers.