Thursday, 21 May 2015

Hole of Reproach: What was the point of that ?

So, I come to you all this week utterfly dumbfounded. Because this, well....

Most of the chapter is dedicated to Yukio whinning about not doing anything, even though if the world gets destroyed that includes him too. The little fucker still refuses to budge and I really wish someone would punch him.

And then Ichigo tell Riruka she should stay behind too.

.....Huh ?

Look I know Gliblord is probably doing cartwheels in celebration but what the actual fuck ? Not only is Ichigo saying he don't need the help against Mr. "I can make every power not affect me because I say so" and I'd argue you probably need all the help you can get. And further more, what was the point to bring this character back for one chapter to then put her on a bus literally the week after ? Is this Kubo finally realising he has too many characters set up to go fight Bach ? Cause even so, you could drop someone like Bazz B, I don't need Renji and his clone bumming around being pathetic. And Riruka was kinda the only fullbringer to beat one of your Shinigami allies ya know, maybe use her miniaturisation abilities or something, seems a lot more usefull then Quincie Renji's "I can finger stuff" ability.

Then we follow this up with another "joke".

I...uh. I can't really say anything about the level of "humour" on display as I've already established in the past weeks how Kubo's recent kick of trying to include "humorous" moments is unfunny filler at best so rather then repeating myself, I'd like to focus on that editorial line. Cause that is the funniest shit in a Bleach chapter in ages.

Ganju is probably hands down the most insignificant character here. Dude has literally been a complete no show since the Soul Society Arc, and even there he's not only a minor support character. He's literally done less then Chad in the past half decade and that is saying something. I mean I know Ichigo is the most lifeless protagonist ever but how can Ganju know that much about Ichigo if he spent maybe ten minutes in the guy's company tops ?

In the next scene we see shit is still flying around after Bach randomly decided to demolish everything and then we ge.....



You cannot possibly be serious.

THE SHINIGAMI HAVEN'T LEFT YET !!! this real life ? Have I fallen into some sort of endless time loop ? Is this hell ?

Okay, the Shinigami are negligent assholes who sit on their asses all day, let people live in destitution, squalor and the constant threat of murder when they could end all the fighting easily with their superpowers, and the only reason any Hollows exist is because they are late to send a person's soul for literally months, and the sheer amount of hollows that exist is proof that they are absolutely above caring about anything.


All of that

All of that takes second place to them literraly spending FIFTEEN CHAPTERS to go through a door, WHEN THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END.

I have no words to describe this. They have lost all meaning.

The chapter ends with Ichigo's group ariving at the Palace, not recognising it and then turning around to see this.

Uhm, how did you not notice the huge frickin building right in front of you ? And he's not really reshaped anything, more like just wrecked the place. Unless he's into living on a pile of rubble.

Well, next week we'll probably have a rock fall on Urahara and the door closes again or something.

I feel emotionally spent.


  1. That's just the usual. Kubo in the gutter and wasting panels to meet the required page numbers for the week's release. Like really... Those numerous panels of unnecessary closeups are just pitiful. (Just read One Piece's release and I feel sorry forr Bleach)

    1. I feel sorry for the readers who give a shit about the characters Kubo ignores.

      Also I notice you haven't commented on last week and I DO require constant validation so I'm pointing it out : P

      And I'm wondering, would it be a good idea to add some sort of small forum thing to the blog, just to make finding individual comments easier ? What d'you guys think ?

  2. D. you forget yourself. There is no point to bleach, it's just a cluster fuck of non sense and blank panels. I would like to point out how unneccessary the fullbringers are. They could have just used a caja negacion to get to the soul palace, literally does the same thing. Have urahara repurpose it, and bingo bango no need for the fullshitters.