Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hole of Reproach: Bach is still Bach

This week, we actually have more focus on Bach and the rest of the...well most people use "SS" as an abbrevariation of "Soul Society", but now Kubo actually has a "Schutzstaffel" in the story, which is all kinds of awkward given the recent 70th anniversary of end of WW II.

We do have a few scenes devoted to Ichigo and co. talking about nothing. It does feature Riruka snapping at Orihime.


I appreciate the sentiment of her not appreciating the negativity, but look, I'm one of the few critics of Bleach who doesn't seem to hate your guts (unlike my blog colleague Gliblord who was literally doing a mid air spit-take when he saw your return) but don't think you get a free pass on being a bitch. We clear ? The scene ends with Grimmjow saying he's helping them take down Bach because otherwise Hueco Mundo gets destroyed and where will Grimmjow kill Ichigo if that happens ?

Uhm, anywhere ? You tried killing him in the human world before. What's changed ? Also you gotta wonder if the dude has any affinity to the blasted desert nightmare scape he calls home, it makes you wonder about how Hollows live when not attacking people, at least the humanoid ones, which are practically the only ones we ever see anymore, are clearly shown being on the same level of intelligence as humans, have emotions and all that stuff. I'm so glad Kubo never explored it but has instead spent time on his incredibly boring version of "wacky nazies" getting their asses kicked until their moustachioed leader activates God Mode and beats everyone cause He's Bach.

I am so gonna miss that mischevious comatose torso.

Speaking of The Most Groomed One, he's apparently done slurping up the Soul King. Boy I sure love how we had to wait like six years to see the guy after Aizen's entire quest was to get up to 'em, and he might as well have been a chair they put a crown on for all the impact he had on the readers. Hell, I'm calling it now, make Aizen's chair the new Soul King, at least we know it has a strict "no Aizen fucking around" policy.

When the.....SS goes to check on Bach they find he's well

I think that's a definite improvement

I wish this meant he was losing control over this power and was just becoming a vessel unable to do anything, which would be a fitting end for the guy. But nope, of course The "I Win cause Everything-Proof-Shield" Bach can't not be in control at all times.

They proceed to stare at Bach intently, and I really have to adress this

The fuck are you wearing dude ? It looks like you stole the reproductive organs of a zebra and are wearing them as a hat.

Regardless, to prove he is still the same Bach who ordered the execution of soldiers with battle experience because they lost using a power they were unfamiliar with, the use of which blocked them using their far superior ability and which he ordered them to use, knowing the Shinigami would get it back somehow eventually, he proceeds to blow up the Palace for no reason and nearly kills his entire elite force.

Remember, these are literally the last soldiers he has, as far as we know. Boy does he sure care about the future of the Quincies.

Wouldn't it be funny if the twenty something people gearing up to go fight Bach would show up, and all of Bach's men would be dead cause he knocked them off because of random destructo rage ?

No more shinigami this week either. It may look promising because people in Bleach are like Weeping Angels, they only move when you're not looking. Let's just hope he doesn't just forget.


  1. I'm loving these chapter reactions D. Pretty much sums up how I feel. I'm glad Bach finally realized his goal of becoming a No Face.

    1. From Spirited Away. Got anything better, 'cause I don't.