Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hole of Reproach: Apocalypse now ? Eh, I can't be arsed.

It is clear now that Kubo must have some sort of bet going with his editors on how much longer he can tease his readers with the Shinigami, only for them to stay rooted in the exact same spot.

From the moment you read the first page

I am utterly thrilled

You see the tone set for the rest of the chapter. And of course, such heart pounding action can't be contained in a single page, so we spend two more pages establishing that yes, Aizen is tired. Because what else can we expect from Kubo after a week long break for Golden Week, then Aizen acting like a guy who spent five hours partying the night before and can now barely move.

The next three pages are then spent on Aizen blabbering stuff half asleep, until we finally get an update on where Ichigo and company are.

You know, not a doctor or anything but I don't think snapping people's necks round is the most effective way of getting someone on their feet. And yes that ass is nice, thank you Kubo.

Right after a completely necessary shot of Yoruichi's ass and her apparently trying to wake up Ichigo by trying to break his spine. I don't really know what the point is but apparently it's part of this chapter's theme, that being Kubo Fails at Comedy.

We spend, scratch that, waste the next four pages on explaining that Ichigo and company got on this floating island via falling down, which yeah, we totally needed to establish that because otherwise I would be very confused how they got to the floating island right below the Royal Palace from which they fell down a few chapters ago. And the whole reason we do this is just to setup a non funny gag about Kon knocking Ichigo out and him being pissed off about it.


Really. That's it. A quarter of the chapter is devoted to a joke that would get laughed off a terrible Three Stooges homage on the internet.

But wait the chapter ends with Grimmjow showing up, only like two years after Kubo set up him showing up. I bet he's gonna get pissed at Chad and Orihime getting to have panel time while they left him to sit on his ass in Hueco Mundo for two years.

And the amount of people intent on going to confront Bach has gone up to precisely FUCKTON

Overall the chapter feels kind of desperate, like Kubo is trying to fool the audience with Kon and Grimmjow showing up in the same chapter, to disguise the fact the Shinigami are still stuck in: Not doing a shit mode and Ichigo and company have been ignored for several chapters only to not do anything of substance this time despite technically featuring in most of the chapter.

Tune in next week when Ichigo and company will have to sneak into the Palace by winning a pie fight and the shinigami pick out new wallpaper for the lab.


  1. I had been wondering what a 4th level secret meant (it crops up a lot on forums). It's just a bullshit term kubo "thought" up to make people think he's cleverer than he really is. Then fans latched onto it and just ran with it. Because of this, kubo can now throw whatever bullshit he wants at us and say he "foreshadowed" it.

    Also, I'm coining a new term: Kubology. The blind and unthinking acceptance of whatever kubo writes.

    1. Hmm.

      Say, would you mayhaps be interested in joining the site ? You seem to have the right mindset (read: level of insanity) fit for the job : D

    2. Yeah I wouldn't mind. How do I post stuff to it. I got a more than a few things to say about bleach.
      Also I'd say we're the sane ones, and the kubologists are the crazy ones.

    3. Why not call it Kubism, since the end result is no less surreal or disjointed than one of Picasso's fine works!

    4. No Kubisms are things kubo made up that are complete bullshit. Ism's are things people say or do. Also kubology was taken from the 1901 definition of scientology (before hubbard turned it into an insane religion about aliens and reincarnation).

    5. Lemme just remember how to do it, I haven't added anyone in years XD

    6. Right I need your email adress.

    7. You need to accept the invite by clicking on the link, at least that's how it worked before as far as I remember.

    8. alrighty done. sorry it took so long. I didn't have access to a desktop. using the library's.