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Attack From Behind: BLEACH Meets Call of Duty, Pt. 2

When last we left off:
  • Rangiku had been banished so that she may become entangled with Ichigo SEXUALLY
  • Aizen, Ichimaru and KARIYA had seen fit to lend their aid to Russian secessionists with a taste for jihad, for reasons yet unknown but probably diabolical in nature. SS doesn't know Aizen and Ichimaru are bad guys yet, so this is set before the SS Arc??
  • The US and British governments had sent their best and brightest soldiers to rescue their Russian informant in the wake of the assassination of the "President" of Saudi Arabia at the hands of the jihadist leader, the evil Al-Asad.
  • The scalps of Syria's Bashar Al-Assad and Kariya Jin are both exceedingly flat.
"Ahaha, you are silly and likely Western trash-dog spy. Your shoulders are like runway of my jet"
"Yeah well at least *I* don't look as though anybody could come over and lift and detach my face by cupping my ears."
Place your bets for what happens next before the jump, we're diving into Chapters 5-8!

 Ch. 5

Rukia cows Ichigo into letting Rangiku stay. (Ichigo must be figuring it's better than the treatment Renji gets from the ladies, amirite? [Rape is so comical it makes Renji whimper and sob from the hilarity]) Meanwhile:
In the Soul Society Forest, which is outskirts of the city of Rukongai, Lieutenant Chojiro Saskibe of the 1st Division, was escorting his men of fifteen, a convoy to Rukongai for Yamamoto's dinner.
Yamamoto only takes his soul poppers fresh, you know.
"Man, we're getting exhausted here.", another soldier said.
"Relax, we're be there by nightfall.", Saskibe said.
But suddenly, out of nowhere, blood spatters on Saskibe's right face as he looks at it and turns to his right to see one of the soldier's head, blown to pieces.
Then, an explosion from behind comes when another hits one of there carages of the convoy.
Will Saskibe unleash his bankai!? Ahahaha, no, it'd take blood on BOTH his left and his right faces to flip that switch

"I guess you could call this my... CALL OF DUTY. Still no bankai though"
"Quick, get ready to fight!", Saskibe yells as the drummer person gets ready to bang the drums when he got shot in the neck and blood gushing out.
LOL. Pa rum pa pum pum?
Then, a rocket comes out from the trees, destroying another part of the convoy when they heard screams and saw men with scraffs and AK-47's coming out of the forest to attack.
But the worst part for Saskibe's men, was they were only armed with swords.
Dude. I know it's the heat of the moment but YOUR SWORD SHOOTS LIGHTNING. YOUR HANDS SHOOT LIGHTNING

Notwithstanding, damn those afterlife immigrants, they're probably after our jobs too
Suddenly, Saskibe finally decided to surrender along with his men when the enemy comes towards them, aiming their assault rifles at them.
"Good job, men. Well done.", a voice said as the person walks up to Saskibe when he looks up and saw non other than Gin.
"Gin, you led this attack? I've would've known you traitor.", Saskibe said.
"Perhaps you can speak to this person.", Gin said.
"Who is this person?", Saskibe asked as he looks behind Gin and saw a man, with his left arm gone.
"Allow me to introduce you to the man from the Real World. Russian Ultranists... Imran Zakhaev.", Gin said.
"From the Real World?", Saskibe asked.
"No, from the Russia in Soul Society. YES FROM THE REAL WORLD."
Suddenly, Irman then speaks to one of the Russian soldiers.
"Should we execute them?", the Russian soldier asked in Russian.
And up until now I'd been thinking they were speaking in Jihadi (the easiest language to learn as every word has been replaced with high-pitched ululation and the subtle rattling of sabers)
"Yes, make sure no one find their bodies.", Irman said in Russian as he walks away.
"What did he say?", Saskibe asked.
"I guess... it's execution for y'all.", Gin said as he smiles and walks away.
After that, everything fades to black as the sound of gunfire was heard echoing throughout the forest.
Damn, they got exterminated faster than if a Soul Nazi heard fourthhand that a shinigami tied his shoes wrong


Byakuya and Unohana find Saskibe's convoy all blitzed and without a body in sight
"Well, we found the convoy. But where's Sasakibe and his men?", Unohana asked.
"They've must got capture. Or worse.", Byakuya said.
Insae Kotetsu, Lieutenant and Unohana's partner of the 4th Division, looks around at the forest when suddenly, she felt a drop came down to her head as she puts her finger in her hair and saw non other than blood.
She is by the way the older sister of Kiyone Kotetsu, one of the two 3rd seated officers in the 13th Division. Unlike Kiyone, she is generally quiet and observant, though she shares her sister's sense of loyalty. However unlike her captain, she can be impatient in the face of an enemy, rushing after enemies she has no chance of defeating, including the seemingly unstoppable Sōsuke Aizen.
Okay, first, does this take place before Aizen revealed himself a traitor or what? Second, maybe don't get into a very minor character's bio right after the "blood dripping from the leaves" beat. That neuters the impact a great deal, Rock N Roll Train.
"Am I bleeding?", she asked.
But then, another drop came on to her hand when she looks up from the forest and her face went into shock as she screams that cause both captains and soldiers to come to her position as they also looked up and saw what they could not believe what they were seeing.
Bodies of their own were decapitated and were hanging on the tree lines with blood everywhere on them dripping to the ground.
"Oh my, God.", Unohana said, covering her mouth.
"What could have done this?", Byakuya asked.
One of the soldiers, runs to throw up after what they were seeing.
"All right, let's get all the bodies and bring them back. I know y'all don't want to see this. But we got no choice. Let's go.", Byakuya said as they get on the treelines to cut down the bodies hanging.
"This has to be so gruesome to see this.", Unohana said.
"We better tell this to Yamamoto about this.", Byakuya said.
"Right.", Unohana said as she and him gets back to their divisions by helping them with the bodies.
(A/N: End of Night Prowler.)
I see the terrorists' airtight plan to hide the bodies was to stash them in the tree branches and hoping nobody would look up. And what's funny is that if Isane hadn't felt that blood trickle they actually would have missed them.

"You know what would really mess up my day...? BLOOD. JUST TRICKLING DOWN."
While Byak Byak and Unohoney get their hands dirty ferrying dead bodies to Yamamoto, Ichigo receives his own rude awakening.
Morning came once again in the Real World of Karakura Town, with an alarm clock waking Ichigo and grabbing it and stopping it.
I've heard of novelty alarm clocks but I draw the line at my alarm clock grabbing me and stopping me
"Man, I hate this fucking alarm clock! Every fucking single day this shit comes on!", Ichigo yells as he puts the alarm clock back on the desk and gets up from his bed, walking to the living room.
Yes, Ichigo. That is the point of an alarm clock.

Ichigo after the alarm rings
Ichigo's daily routine (before post-timeskip odd jobs): 1) Wake up. 2) Glower. 3) Maintain total solitude.
"Is Rangiku in the bathroom, taking a shower?", Ichigo asked.
"Of course. She's haven't taking a bath since her banishment from the Soul Society.", Rukia said.
"Oh I see.", Ichigo said as he grabs an energy drink out of the refrigerator.
An energy drink first thing in the morning? You need a life coach, dude.
"Look, its going to be a while before her banishment ends. She'll be out of this house by then. Now right now, just let her be happy that you let her stay here.", Rukia said.
"Yeah, but for how long? My family comes back home next month. And I don't want my father looking at her. You how he is when it comes around with women.", Ichigo said.
So wait, her banishment is temporary now? If that's the case, couldn't they have simply given her a demerit or a dock in pay or something. And since when was Isshin a horndog, Ichigo? The only woman he has eyes for is that poster of Masaki. Althought it IS in character for Ichigo to not know anything about his family lol.
"Anyway, I better head on to the shop once again. Yesterday, was even more worst than I thought. Let's hope it doesn't repeat itself like yesterday.", Ichigo said.
"Why don't you take Rangiku instead.", Rukia said.
"No way! Forget it! If I take her with me to the shop, men are going to began seeing her and what I'm going to hear is wolf whistles, and trying to get towards her.", Ichigo said.
First they go berserk on Ichigo, and now they're insatiable rapebeasts as well? For fuck's sake, pick another citizenry to protect, man

Suddenly, they heard footsteps as they turn around to see Rangiku coming downstairs with a white bath robe, and a towel drying herself off.
Ichigo looks at her and see how she was. All that he can see are her giant breasts almost open.
"Good morning. I just got out of the shower. Boy, the water was great.", Rangiku said.
Who knew Rangiku's gigai can open up its breasts to store water? It explains a lot though

Byak Byak calls Rukia on her soul cell phone to come help with the whole 1st division mass murder snafu. Leaving Ichigo with Rangiku, whom he's now forced to drag along to Urahara Shop with him.
"Damn, she's sexy." But snaps of his thoughts. "Wait a sec, I can't love her. She likes Toshiro. Why am I thinking about her.", Ichigo said as he goes upstairs to his room to change to start his and her day.
Finally, an emotion out of Ichigo besides shockface

Meanwhile, in Hueco Mundo:
Inside the Espada meeting hall, Aizen, Gin, Kariya, and Imran Zakhaev, were discussing their next plans of action.
"So I heard that Lieutenant Chojiro Sasakibe of the 1st Division is dead.", Aizen said.
"It'll show them if we can kept killing more lieutenants on the way.", Kariya said.
"Except for Lieutenant Matsumoto of the 10th Division. She needs to stay alive.", Gin said.
"What about her? She's a lieutenant and needs to die.", Kariya said.
"Because she and me met when we were kids. We both entered in the Soul Society to become like captains or lieutenants.", Gin said.
"I see.", Aizen said.
That is the most understanding evil council ever, yo.

Speaking of which, let's briefly touch base with Kariya and Assad again

"Ahaha, you are silly and such trash dog-man. Your shoulders are like runway of my jet"
"You already said that."
"Please inform, what is meaning jet lag?"
 Inspirational. Continuing on

"With the war with terror continues in the Real World, three governments are trying to stop this thing once and for all. Now with the Saudi Arabian President dead, the President of the United States has now just launched his military to invade the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. They think Al-Asad is there at the target building.", Zakahev said.
Text blood red for how insanely terrible an idea this is. THANKS OBAMA

(Though I think Bush is the only president who would need to be told Mecca is in Saudi Arabia)

No no, you see, it's fine because it turns out your religion is wrong
You know, why on earth are Jihadists not the least bit miffed that they're colluding with STUPIDLY POWERFUL GHOST PEOPLE THAT COMPLETELY DISPROVE THEIR CONCEPTION OF THE AFTERLIFE

"What about the Civil War in your home country between the Ultranationalists Army and the Russian Republic Army?", Kariya asked.
"Its up to my people to take it over. Then after that, we can march towards Moscow to capture it and assassinated the Russian President. Then I can sealed it to become a new superpower country that can overcome the Russian Ultranationalist.", Zakahev said.
A bit ambitious there guys. "And then an hour later our super ultranationalist scientists construct Dyson Sphere to harness sun, super laser beam broil THE RUSSIAN PRESIDENT"

But wait, Russian Ultranationalist Imran Zakahev can't simply be happy with becoming a new superpower country that can overcome itself!
"I see what you mean. A good man wants a new empire.", Aizen said.
"But that's not what I'm talking about.", Zakahev said as the three men looks up at him.
"What are you talking about?", Gin asked.
"I'm here to talk about a big action plan. I want to lead my entire Russian Army against all of the Soul Society Army and their commander.", Zakahev said.
If a good man wants a new empire, an ULTRA good man wants to lay claim to the clouds too. soviet space program not enough, must take afterlife for mother russia
"Yes... me and my son, will invade and take the Soul Society. It will then become the new Russia.", Zakahev said.
"And if it does not work?", Kariya asked.
"Then will nuke it with a nuclear missile.", Zakahev said.
"But, Irman, with respect, you sure about this? Launching a missile through the heart of the Soul Society will be suicide.", Gin said.
"Well, then... there's not a moment to lose.", Zakahev said.
"If I am to commit suicide, now is as good a time as any"
Suddenly, he cell phone rang as he looks to see who's calling.
"Excuse me for one moment."
He gets up and leaves the room but stands at the front door so the three men won't hear.
"He got to be out of his mind to do this.", Kariya said.
"Aizen, you sure we can trust him? I have a bad feeling that he can kill us in this room right now.", Gin said.
"Don't worry, he won't have a problem. As long as we can trust him.", Aizen said as the three were looking at Zakahev talking on the phone.
Why are they pissing themselves over some retard with a gun? Gin can literally slice cities in half. INSTANTLY

Zakhaev receives bad news.
"Sir, I'm afraid we got some bad news. British SAS troops and Russian Loyalists troops infiltrate our rockets barrage in the village of the Cacasus Mountains. And to make it worst, they've rescue that Nikolai we capture and escape.", a soldier said on the phone.
"You fucking idiot! How did you let those British and Russian fucks destroy our rockets? And why did you have a chance at trying to go after them when we need that hostage?", Zakahev asked, angerly.
"But the good news, sir, we shot down the chopper before it exit out of Russian Airspace. You're son is already sending troops to check the crash site.", the soldier said.
"Good. If Nikolai is alive, take him prisoner. I want him alive. And as for either British or Russian Loyalist soldier,... kill them.", Zakahev said.
 Good, I'm glad I didn't have to read all of that stuff in Chapter 5 after all

Zakhaev reassures them that they don't need to move Al-Asad from Mecca because he's got a guy to help out. In addition, they are to make no mistake that SS will be ultranationalist before they can even look up the term

Now back to the really important stuff, sexy times

Back at the real world, Ichigo and Rangiku, who is dressed in her shinigami uniform, showing her breasts, were walking in the park as they both sat on the bench.
Ichigo couldn't have been anymore MISERABLE. Rangiku wasn't just a ditsy gal, she was a crazy one! They had just gotten back to the 'living realm' and several guys had already had their pride, shall we say, wounded by her, shall we say, rather large assests.
The pride of the GUYS was wounded by her boobs? How. Just how
 The girl used them as weapons! While they'd been walking to their destination, trying to keep their spirit power low, he swore she'd been flirting with guys only to shoot them down when they approach her. She was an evil woman!
 My heart is telling me to give up but... nope, my brain is also telling me to give up. Should I give up

 Somebody uninvent Google so I can stop hurting myself

 For all the drama, Rangiku seems to care very little about her banishment, content to tease men at a public park--possibly for the rest of her life. After some token anger, Ichigo spots Uryuu and they call Chad to move some boxes together. Then a bunch of army stuff happens that I will skip


Rukongai Graveyard- Soul Society
Back at the Soul Society, the funeral ended in the Rukongai Graveyard as they finally burred Lieutenant Soskibe and the soldiers of the 1st Division as well.
 Jeez, talk about prescient.

Even after cremation, his blood still trickled down
Shortly thereafter, Yamamoto "invites everybody back to Seireitei for some food" and Rukia and Byak Attack  engage in small talk wherein we discover Soi Fong is missing. Uh oh
Fon Family Nobile House- Soul Society
The Fon Family Nobile House traditionally serves the Shihōin family by joining the Special Forces. Any member who doesn't pass the test to get into the special forces is immediately exiled from the family. The only known member of the house is Soifon, current Captain of the 2nd Division.
"Please... fuck me...", a voice panted hard with the sound inside the house of moans, grunts, panted, and even the scent of sex as well.
It was the scent of sex that clued me in

Let it be said that Rock N Roll Train attempts no finesse whatsoever, shoehorning in another of his promised pairings so abruptly (after a FUNERAL, mind you) that it truly astounds.

Clothes of a white robe, and a black shinigami uniform was scattered on the wooden floor that are next to two naked sweated bodies, trying to feel their love to one another.
The bodies were non other than Soifon and Renji.
Renji was on top of Soifon as he tries to get to thrust inside of her while wrapping her arms around him, making sure he doesn't fall off.
"Man, I'm getting tired at this.", Renji said, exhausted.
I'm pleased Renji recovered from the sexual trauma he sustained from Yoruichi with some nice revenge sex by proxy. Yamamoto will probably be mad they skipped out on SASAKIBE'S FUNERAL for some random lovemaking--which is why they'll have to convince him to join in on the fun! <---- a joke, thank god
 "Even though I'm a captain and you're a lieutenant, we can be one another.", Soifon said.
"Anyway, you're not in my division. So it wouldn't be not bad.", Renji said.
"Renji, you promise to keep this a secret?", Soifon asked.
"Of course I would. Now why would I do that?", Renji asked.
 But but

"Because not only I'm captain of the 2nd Division, I'm also the commander of the Special Forces.", Soifon said.
"Oh, I see. And what if I say yes to keep this secret?", Renji asked.
"And if you do...", Soifon gets up, a little weak, but on feet when she put her hands on one of her two long braid hair covered in cloth as she untied them to reveal her hair longer that gave Renji what kind of woman she was.
"She's no fighter, she's a goddess.", Renji thought while blushing.
"...You can have me for the rest of your life.", Soifon said, smirking.
"Deal.", Renji said, who quickly got up and grabs her back to the floor.
"Whoa... chill out.", Soifon said.
"Don't worry, I guess round two is coming up.", Renji said, smirking.
"I think we had enough for today.", Soifon said while trying to break free from him.
"Don't worry, we got time.", Renji said as he put he's head in her neck, kissing and licking it.
"Oh, God. Please don't do this.", Soifon said, moaning.
They've got under way, well for Renji as the second round of sex began.
 Yeah! It's time RENJI did the raping around these parts!

 (A/N: End of Cover You in Oil.)

 Meanwhile, in Murmansk, Russia
In a safe house, just outside the city of Murmansk, Russia, Zakahev watches tv as he sees the news coverage of the Marines invade the city of Mecca for their search of Al-Asad.
"It was a big day for non other than the United States Marine Corps as the President of the United States sent in the Marines to capture the number one terrorist leader Al-Asad as they located his whereabouts in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The target building is an arsenal place for weapons and officers of Al-Asad's rebel army. Unfortunately, the terrorist leader was not inside the building when another location found out he was at a news tv station in the city. But there was no luck as he was not inside. But the Marines were brave enough as they stay in the city even through day and night to find Al-Asad for sure."
As the report continues on tv, Zakahev then grabs a cell phone off the table just next to him and his seat as he turn it on and type in a phone number on it and began ringing.
"Hello?", a voice asked on the other line who was speaking in Russian.
"It's Zakahev.", he said in Russian.
"Yes.", the person said.
"Is it in place?", Zakahev asked.
"Yes it is, sir. We put in a cargo box and is shipped to the city of Al Basra, Iraq.", the person said.
"Good. Will tell everyone a false whereabouts that Al-Asad is in the city. And when that happens, when the Marines pile on the city, destroy the city and all will be done for.", Zakahev said.
 How does this plan help you, Zak Zak
"Don't worry. I will get every penny.", the person said, chucking.
"Oh, and when that's done... I want you to do me a little favor.", Zakahev said.
"Yes, and what will that be?", the person asked.
"To send another to a special place for another.", Zakahev said.
"Yes, sir. Where to?", the person asked.
"To the Soul Society.", Zakahev said.
"Oh, don't worry, sir. You have my word.", the person said.
"And one more before I let you go... do we have any information on a boy name... Ichigo Kurosaki?", Zakahev asked.
"Yes, sir. Our reports that Ichgio lives in a cinic which is also a home in Karakura Town, Tokyo, Japan. He's also a member of the Soul Society as a substitute shinigami. What do you want us to do with him?", the person asked.
"I want you to find him and keep him alive. If he tries to attack, you have my orders to kill him.", Zakahev said.
"Yes, sir. But why do we need him for?", the person asked.
"It's a surprise for him. I'll call back and tell you all about it.", Zakahev said as he hangs up and gets up from he's seat and walks up to a door and opens it up
It was dark inside as he flips the switch on and the light reveals three people. Two little girls and one man, with duct tape on both mouths and eyes. Handcuffs were even on their wrist.
"Because, a gift for them would make him weak."
Zakahev smirk while looking.
In a shocking turn of event, he kidnapped Ichigo's father Isshin Kurosaki and his sisters Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki.

I have many questions. 1) Why does he care about Ichigo? 2) Why bother gathering information on him after he's kidnapped his loved ones? 3) Isshin is a captain level shini. I'm pretty sure that was revealed before this was written. 4) Handcuffs are not necessary when they have their hands bound anyway, dumbass. 5) Will Karin and Yuzu ever have a role outside of villain bait


Sorry, did I say Bush was a stupid president

Chapter eight: A Package For Ichigo
"Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty."
-Ronald Reagan 

"It would be bad if I were the head of some sort of executive branch of a nation with the most advanced military in the world and a government modeled on representation by few over many. I'm good though because I'm the champion of liberty."

I'm not surprised, though. It's not quite as mind-numbingly idiotic as not knowing what jet lag is, but Reagan was not exactly known for being terribly bright ("Russian has no word for freedom!"). Nor kind nor charming nor good-hearted nor funny nor

Rukia picks up a package for Ichigo from an anonymous sender.
But what they don't know, is that outside the clinic, three black cars surrounds the house with men wearing ski mask and armed with AK-47's, were getting ready to enter the house.
AKs, huh. Because Japan has such a huge gun culture they let those in no problem

As Orihime and Tatsuki come into view heading towards the "clinic" (which is not the same as their house but whatever), one of the thugs gets a call
"Victor here.", the man said in Russian.
"It's Irman. Your father. Is the package sent in?", Irman Zakahev asked in Russian on the phone.
"Also you are musting to be told that Russia is the country that we are to hail is from."

They eventually cotton on their target is juggling boxes over at Urahara's:
"Believe me. I had no choice but to abandon my post and stay with Urahara. Since then, I've come on back to the Soul Society.", Yoruichi said.
"And I came to the odd conclusion that banishment from Soul Society is the most joyous of occasions."
"Can I ask you something?", Yoruichi asked.
"What is it?", Rangiku asked.
"Since your living in Ichigo's, I was wondering... you in love with the man?", Yoruichi asked.
"What? Well,... I hate to say this but... I guess I am.", Rangiku said.
"It was my breasts that told me was the one."

Urahara tells Ichigo
"To go to the supermarket and buy sake for him.", Ichigo said, but suddenly it hit him when he said the word.
Which means that Matsumoto's weakness. To drink sake.
"Quick, hurry up and go get the drink. I'm thirsty for that.", Rangiku said, exciting.
"Oh, God, why did I say that?", Ichigo asked, in shame.
"Good job, you just had to say that.", Yoruichi said when Urahara came in to the room.
"What are you doing standing there while not going?", Urahara asked, almost ready to lose his temper.
"All right, I'm going. And Rangiku, when I come back, you get ready so we can go home.", Ichigo said.
"You don't have to be so stubborn.", Rangiku said.
"I'm not. Just don't worry about and be ready when I come back!", Ichigo yells as he waks to the front door with the keys to Urahara's car.
"I wonder what's he's problem?", Rangiku asked, causing everyone to sweat drop.
The visual shorthand of comics should never ever be carried over to any other medium.

Ichigo is held at gunpoint at the steering wheel and forced to drive home. Rukia, Orihime and Tatsuki get assaulted and tied up by the AK-47 guys at his house as well. When Ichigo arrives, they force him to watch the DVD that was in the package--a message from Zakhaev.
"Hello, Ichigo. I am Irman Zakahev. The leader of the Four Horseman and leader of the Russian Ultranationist. I hope you'll enjoying a great summer vacation because I am as well. You see, throughout my years of terrorism, I've been watching your every movement by one of our own satalites in space. I know who you are. That is why I found you to be very useful. Now then, if you don't mind, my guards there will duct taped your mouth and will handcuffed your hands for a while. Because, what I'm about to surprise you, is something that might familars with you.", Irman said as he gets up from the chair while the cameraman follows him.
Okay, is there somebody left on the earth who HASN'T been fucking with Ichigo's life since he was born??

Ichigo finds out his family has been held hostage.
"See what I mean. My father is real good at kidnapping people like your family.", Victor said.
"Smelly, ugly people of dubious intellectual capacity. Your family is low percentile."
You will help me get me to the gate that leads to the Soul Society. While that's done, you will even give me the King's Seal as well. So I send you a package to give you all the leads. A cell phone which means I'll call you to lead you all instructions. You have ten days to give me those instructions. If not, you'll be seeing your family's heads in a box mailed to your house. Don't even think of calling the police, the United States and British governments as well. Even the press as well. So... let's bring it home, Kurosaki.", Irman said as the camera then turns off and the Blu-Ray disc comes out.
Or you could, I don't know... ask Aizen?
"You mean the man, that assassinated the President of Saudi Arabia, was behind my family's kidnapping?", Ichigo asked.
"I'm sure glad I happened to have caught the details on the news the other day!"

Rukia frees herself and the other two girls; I guess the thugs plum forgot them and left without following up with them.
"It's going to be okay, Ichigo. Will get your family back soon. I can promise you on that.", Rukia said.
Ichigo didn't even pay attention as he still looks down at the bloodstained shirt.
"I'm going to kill them all.", Ichigo said with anger and killing coming to him.
Ichigo's got his killer intent revved and ready to go, unaware that he has a tracking device placed on his person. The tension mounts! And so ends Chapter 8. I wonder what the next eleven chapters have in store for us? Find out, next time!

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