Saturday, 9 July 2016

Hole of Reproach: An additional remark to the Pernida Fight

Yes I'll be getting off my ass to write something new as well.

But first I would like to point out something that wouldn't really fit into the next article.

So Mayuri defeated Pernida by making it explode after it ate all the pieces of Nemu.

So in other words he had to have specifically engineered Nemu's body to produce regeneration that will explode someone if they eat her.

Then he had to bet on Pernida, a giant hand with an eye and no visible mouth, having the need to eat. Because remember, Souls don't actually need to eat as far as we've been told way back, because they're dead and I assume he's a soul given he's one of the Spirit King's severed hands.

Then he had to bet on Pernida deciding to eat Nemu.

And all of his clones had to do so was well.

And all of them had to start eating at the exact same time so none of them blew up before all of them got a piece.

So even by Bleach standards this is an absolutely amazing stretch.

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