Tuesday, 3 May 2011

IAWT # 0 : Introduction

Lustmord - Zoetrope

A creature, refferred to here as Hypothetical Species A, when faced with a survival endangering obstacle , has one of two options. Either it mans up to the problem and promptly evolves to save it's hide, or it has the fully legitimate option to choose extinction. I'm sure certain members of the species doing their best to evolve would have something to say against the latter, but what can you do ?

But then, what will you do if that danger or circumstance cease to be present ? You can of course boldly move forward and continue on you path to become galaxy conquering space aliens, or you can just get rid off whatever it took your race countless generations to achieve. The species' elders might protest, but young people, being the slackers they are, woudn't see anything wrong with shedding a useless limb or two. Or in the case of the Kauai cave wolf spider, their eyes.

Now , you might think this only applies to living things, but then you'd be mistaken. This Blog shall be dedicated, in most part, to the scientiffic examination of the singular phenomenon of literary de-evolution known amongst the youth of America as "Bleach".

There was, indeed, a time when necessity to achieve reader popularity forced this series to achieve certain levels of artistic performance, as well as storytelling competence, to create a premise that the young, impressionate minds of Jump readers could be absorbed with and secretly identify themselves with in some way.

But, and this is a statement we of this blog all agree upon, once this popularity was achieved, a certain choice was made, which sent this series down an ever more steep slope of shedding all things "excesive" and unecessary. This choice lies in the belief that it was purely the artistic pizzaz of the series, the wide angle shots and prety poses, that had made the readers interested.

And this is the problem. For though we all believe that at one time or another the series had promise, it has since turned into little more than a collection of reaction shots, alternate angles and pages with sprawling dust clouds, both literal and figurative.

Our mission is to present our own analysis of the extent of this phenomenon, as well as to try and present whatever is actualy good about the series in the best light possible. We hold no malice towards those wanting to read this series, we simply offer a different point of view, and try to invite them to stand aside and try to look at Bleach from a different angle, to see if there may not be something burried underneath that they might have been ignoring, and might even have a chuckle at.

We also promise that on the day that the major faults we find in this series have been disposed of, we shall gladly end this project.

With that said, we welcome you to applied logic, our tribute to Bleachs unique form of entertainment, and proudly proclaim: In Aizen We Trust

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