Thursday, 12 March 2015

Hole of Reproach: Three Year Bachiversary

It has been a while. Bleach has still been it's usual self quote table inscribing self (BRAIN IN A JAR Quincie says hello), but I figured the other people on the blog were doing a good enough job summing things up on their own and I felt I'd be sort of cramping their style to repeat basically the same complaints.

This week however (chaper 619 for future refference), the sheer volume of brain dead idiocy coming from Se┼łor El Moustachio has driven me to finally adress a question that has been left unanswered for so long. Mainly, Bach's goal.

As unbelieavable as it is, this month marks three years since Ol' Buckbeard first appeared in the series. This same arc has been going on since early 2012.

Let us walk down memory lane and reminesce about that moment shall we. We had just gotten over the arc that was so bad that even Kubo suddenly found it in him to not have everything move at the speed of a celestial body and actually shifted into high gear to blitz through everything. There, we got what basically amounted to Ginjo being pissy as fuck because he was given a job by Soul Society and the people who did so actually, gasp, supervised him ! Which was enough to try and kill Ichigo for his powers in a scheme that made no sense and which resulted in the character assasination of Chad and Orihime which felt like a direct insult after Kubo's line about it being Chad's arc. We cut back to Ichigo getting his powers back via Magical Spine Puncture and everything was okay.

We then spend some times on rookie shinigami who seem to have actual importance given one of them shows up on the cover of Chapter 483, only to disappear forever with no warning. We get Ichigo and company going to Hueco Mundo to save a guy from Nel's posse, and in the meanwhile we have the introduction of He Who Grooms His Nose Hairs Into a Moustache, Bach.

For someone who doesn't like fights you sure seem to be doing it a lot, Buckface.

Now let's move back to the present. Three years from then, Bach has killed the Soul King which will, as he knows, destroy the afterlife and human world (and also Hueco Mundo because Kubo thinks people still care about that despite it being a wilderness full of giant soul eating monsters). He is fighting Ichigo inside the palace and is trying to blabber out some nonsense along the lines of "we are the same you and I". Implying some sort of bond between them as Quincies, despite the fact that the only reason Bach is walking around is because he sucked countless Quincies dry of their life essence to the point where they died. And he's just recently begun to suck the life force from his remaining troops in the Seireitei. So yeah, you're full of shit dude.

And then when Ichigo tries confronting him, he utters the following line:

Gee, I dunno, maybe because what you are doing will literally destroy all of reality, killing everyone Ichigo has ever known in this world and the next, along with every human who is alive and every human that has ever lived.

And Bach not only knows this, he's seemingly known all along, and yet we still have absolutely no idea why he is doing it, nor why anyone would be willing to help him once they've learned that fact. Even if the Shinigami commited genocide against your people, what the hell do the billions of people on Earth and in the whole of Soul Society have to do with that ? Worse yet, the entire point of Bach, as revealed to Uryuu by Haschwalt is to lead the Quincies in a never ending war where they would constantly get killed so they can give their life energy to Bach. And apparently both Haschwalt and Uryuu still go along with this whole plan KNOWING THAT, but if that is literally the whole purpose for you existing, what does it matter what Soul Society did ? We saw earlier the Quincies on the battlefield don't want to get sacrificed to Bach either so again, this raises even more questions about this.

Once again, Kubo's vaguebooking and intent on making the bad guys seem mysterious has resulted in a seemingly unbeatable all knowing Bad guy, whose actual motivation and goals make absolutely no sense if you actually piece together the breadcrumbs Kubo randomly tosses out along the way. There is no stated reason why Bach or any of his followers would want to destroy all of creation, especially if their purpose as Quincies is to hunt Hollows and thus protect humans from them. That's like the Pope suddenly pulling out a missile launcher and blasting the congregation at the Urbi et Orbi because now the Catholic Churches' mission is to destroy all of creation, including themselves.

The rest of the chapter basically just has Bach prattling on, even trying to blame Ichigo's mother's death on the kid by stating "his weakness killed her". Uh no asshole, it was you deliberately draining your powers to awaken from your Odinsleep that left her defenseless against that Hollow AND YOU KNOW THIS. Then Uryuu jumps in to kill the Soul King again and says how no one should get in Bach's way. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Uryuu is doing this to legitimately help Bach, the man who directly murdered his mother, when he knows that Bach just wants to Keffka shit up. I don't know, we saw how Chad's development was handled when he was supposed to be in the spotlight.

Of course the problem now is, Kubo has set up like 20 + people to go to the palace to fight Bach. That plus Aizen screwing about, will probably result in us not knowing what the hell Bach is even trying to achieve for even longer. And if he and Bach get into a meaningless philisophy dick measuring contest....good lord.


  1. Come the most recent chapter and things have gotten (suprise) even stupider with Yhwach absorbing Mimihagi.
    It seems that bleach is more of a tug of war than anything else. One moment the Vandenreich gets the upper hand, then the Gotei 13 finds a way to counteract. Then it happens again, and again, and again. Honestly this arc has been going on way too long and is becoming kinda like the Arrancar/Hueco Mundo/FKT/Deicide arcs. And look how long those went on for.

    1. It is incredibly annoying how we flip flop from the Quincies dominating to them being utter wimps.

      On reflection the entire Bankai theft plot seems amazingly pointless now.

  2. There's something that has been bothering me for a while now: when bach did the soul suck thing, why was masaki killed? She's a pure blood quincy right? Also why weren't her children killed? Ichigo AND his sisters are half quincy right? So what am I fucking missing?

    1. Wasn't it because she lost her powers and got killed by the Hollow ?

    2. I dunno. Maybe it was a poorly translated chapter.
      But reading up on bach's wiki page makes things even more confusing. Apparently he steals the power of quincys he deems impure. That's incredibly vague since both pure blood and mixed blood are chosen indiscriminatibly (did I spell that right?).

      I guess we can just chalk it up to more bullshit kubo keeps hurling at us.