Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Mini Observation: Squad 0 or An Excercise in Pointlesness

So we finaly got semi-introduced to the fabled Squad 0 of the 13 Squads. Not only does Noriaki-kun seem to have an obsession with inserting a "0th" something into everything now as sort of a way to make an easy twist, but he's on his a-game as far as logic is concerned.

Throughout the entierity of 517, all that happens is Hair Dude is a dick. In fact, the whole chapter can pretty much be summed up as "Hair dude is a dick to everyone as Beard dude tries punching him to make him behave".

It doesn't realy work.

And towards the middle part of this chapter, right when Soifon has her breakdown over how the Zero Squad be chillin through this whole invasion and only come down after everyone left and start talking shit about "rebuilding", when they could have easily prevented it with their obscene power.

Hair Dude responds my twisting Soifon's arm and then saying

Now the problem here is that, well, the palace is within a special dimension within Soul Society. Tha task of protecting Soul Society, and it's centre, the Seireitei, is in the hands of the Gotei 13.

The King's Palace exists within a seperate dimension within Soul Society.

That means that in order for the 0 Division to ever even have any sort of relevance, the G13 would have to fail in their task.

Meaning that if the G13 always overcame all obstacles as this guy says, then he and his whole division would serve no purpose.

And you know what that means ? Non judicial eternal life sentence of imprisonment without parole in a secret prison without ever having actualy commited any crime, but just due to the possibility of one day becoming a threat.

But we'll get to that in due time.


  1. OK, brain little rusty. So.... you are saying that since the 0 divison serves to protect the soul king and the soul palace and can only be active outside of that when the Gotei 13 failed their job of protecting the seierietei, they're exstance is questionable?

    1. Not their existence per se, just NotKuwabara's ridiculous expectations of them always counteracting every threat.

      And I didn't mean just outside of the Palace, no. From what we can tell at this time, the only threat to the Palace may come from within seireitei. But even if that isn't the case, putting all these safeguards in place and still having the 0 squad around means that they are expected to be usefull at some point.

      And if the Gotei 13 always beats down anyone trying to get into the palace, then what possible purpose would these guys serve ?

    2. Pretty much. Also I know this goes without saying but the squad zero guys just like the rest of the cast suck. Oh and they're not funny ether.

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    1. That depends on who you are and who you think I am. :P

    2. We knew each other on arlong park forums a while back. But I ended up being banned by robby for a misunderstanding. I went by Tamaki Kawazoe. Remember me?