Saturday, 28 January 2012

Reflections On: 5 Reasons why Ginjo Fails as a Villain

So I was pondering the.....strange black hole of nothingness that was the "Lost Shinigami Arc", and I got to thinking.

Ginjo, for a villain, realy sucks at what he does. Almost every move he's made in this arc has been either questionable or just downright weird.

If I were to basicly arrange everything, from the past as it actualy happened, to Kubo's strange, delusional idea of what he thinks happened, I'd have to start at the very begining.

Reason 1: Ginjo has terrible foresight.

Ginjo is perfectly willing to jeopardize his entiere "plan" just so he can pretend to be Ichigo's ally thanks to a mind alteration session, even though he fooled him both before and after, because he apparently is that bad of an actor.

Which he followed up by by making bogus claims about the two powerfull shinigami that Ichigo is personaly related to, and who are both in the neighbourhood, only to then immediately declare it bullshit.

Sometimes.....I just don't get you Ginjo.

Reason 2: His tactical skills are on par with Rimmer

His immense tactical prowess lead him into these following situations:

1. Leaving Ichigo into a hideout he must have know the other members knew about. This is especialy embarassing considering this man somehow put together a complex and overengineered "ring seven times then dance around a campfire naked before ringing another sixteen times wearing nothing but ledderhosen" system just to get in touch with him.

2. Entering a fight with several shinigami with people who've never even had a chance to test out their "enhanced" powers and so could very well have no idea what to do with them.

3. Stealing all of Ichigo's moves !

Yes. All one of them.

4. His fight with Ichigo, where, as stated above, he had at his disposal Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou. Which is a sword slash. That Ichigo was able to parry almost every time.

And in this fight, he chose to have a person who literaly has supernatural sharpshooting abilities be right there, perfectly capable of shooting his head of whenever Ichigo blocked his sword.

The fact that Kubo somehow made Ishida not realise this and got intimidated out of the manga for for the next two chapters is another story.

5. After he beats Ichigo, he's going to fight.....three captains at once ? This seems.....unwise.

Reason 3: Tsukishima

Okay, so you have this guy around who can basicly make anyone your die hard friend, willing to die for you on the spot, without you having to actualy do anything.

So, it's perfectly natural to mention the news of his impeding death with snarking indifference.

And for that matter, why exactly does Ginjo give orders in this rag tag group ? His powers originaly were a sword. And his a sword.

Mind control.....sword......same thing, realy.

Reason 4: Keeping his supernatural tracking device at him at all times

When he knows it can limit his reiatsu and keep track of him. I recognise that Soul Society is probably the biggest bunch of morons to ever exist, but seeing how they're willing to murder you and your well as use innocent people to bait you out and kill them ( real reason, realy), ths again seems.....unwise.

Reason 5: The Goal

He has one ? Aside from stealing Ichigo's powers so he can look like a retarded cosplayer ? And what, is this gonna be what he uses for his "revenge" against Soul Society ? How does he plan to get there ? And then, how exactly does he plan to deal with the hundreds of Shinigami that live inside Seireitei, some of which can level entiere cities in giant explotions of fire ? Does he just intend to commit genocide on all of them ? Alone ? Without caring if Tsukishima, the one guy who could turn the fight in his favour, dies or not ?

It didn't work for Hody, and it certainly wouldn't work out for you Ginjo.

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  1. Mmh, something tells me this arc wasn't planned out that well. It almost like the Bount arc!