Thursday, 9 June 2011

This week in Bleach : 451

So, following last week's eyesore of a cliffhanger, we pick up with

An encore of 397's "What the hell did you just say".

After babbling at Ginjo for several panels, Ginjo , with a shit eating grin that he and Tsukishima inherited when Aizen left the plot, says his own version of "Didn't you know, I've had the upper hand since before you were born" and goes to attack Ichigo.

Oh remember how Orihime, suposedly a main character, managed to use her powers for something other then background/offscreen healing two chapters back , for the first time in roughly three years ?

Well no need to worry, because she's instantly put in a magic bullshit cage, her powers, involvement and development completely nullified.

On a sidenote: doesn't anyone else hate how Kubo's been taunting us with Orihime actualy starting to attack, but being cut off before her powers can actualy manifest ? It's like he's teasing us with "Remember this guy whom Orihime used for fighting and used to talk with ? Well I DON'T !"

And no I am not talking about the colour page, that's just desperation and I won't even get into that.

So after that, Ginjo begins slashing at Ichigo, laughing at how he asumed he could make out his location through presence and sound (which would be used in 9 out of 10 other training arcs, mind you) he then starts boasting about how Ichigo was already dead when he came to him, and then about how he's gonna kill Orihime and Chad. But then, surprise surprise, Ichigo, thanks to his one sole motivation (because it's been previously admited, Ichigo has no real goal as a protagonist, he's kinda like the manga version of Davis from Digimon 02) "fwendship", Ichigo manages to sense Ginjo's reiatsu and attack him and , whadya know, it was all a snare by Ginjo to provoke Ichigo to finaly reach his spirit-fullbring ejaculation (seriously, it looks messy) while he's nearby to make sure it doesn't get out of hand.



Remember that Ichigo was completely blind the whole chapter ?

Now how does one explain all these faces Ginjo makes while flaunting his suposed badness ?

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