Thursday, 30 June 2016

Bleach Analysis - An Announcement

Hello all, remember me? I'm the guy that did the Aizen, Orihime, Kenpachi, and Soul Society articles.

I haven't posted anything in a dog's age, and that was largely because of college work rearing its head, and over time, I just didn't feel like posting anything.

Looking back, my articles maaay have gotten rant-y, whereas now disappointment and annoyance is the main things I feel when reading Bleach.

Nevertheless, boy oh boy is this final arc stuffed with garbage.

I do want to thank my fellow contributors for not making this blog dead, and I'm pleased to announce that I'm not dead either! ...obviously.

Expect a new article from me soon. Might be when Bleach finally ends! Since the others have covered so much ground, I'm not gonna bother with doing one on Quincies. It will either be on the Stern Ritters (y'know, judging and rating them) orrrr....on a specific character again.

So again, thanks to everyone who still gives a darn about Applied Logic!


  1. *Reads latest chapter*

    Meta, you better get to writing that right now. ! : O